Thursday, January 28, 2016


Tuesday was a day.  The kind of day when you stand there, dumbfounded, at all the things that went wrong in a mere 12 hours.  Let me highlight 2 things that exemplified my Tuesday.

A particular child was NOT doing what they were supposed to be doing, and so was goofing off.  Said child accidentally broke something that I loved.  I may have let an ugly word escape my mouth, and realized that I had to leave the room.

It took me longer than expected to calm down, but I managed.  Same child was responsible for making lunch - quesadillas.  I got them started, everything appeared to be going well.  I went to the back of the house to put laundry in the dryer - two minutes, tops. As I pushed the button to turn the dryer on, that child runs past me with a kitchen garbage bag ON FIRE!!!  Okay, it was a small fire, but still.

We got the bag outside, stomped on it a few times, poured some water on it.  It was fine.  The house was fine, no one was burned.

Apparently, child found a left over smoke bomb from July 4.  Child decided that 6 months was very old, and wondered if the wick would even light.  So, they tested the wick.  Yup, it lit just fine.  Child freaked out and threw smoke bomb in the trash can.  Which was full of paper.

Child was appropriately apologetic, beat themselves up for awhile, and life went on.

Don't you envy me?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some Random Stuff...

Sethy is sick this week with a pretty nasty cold.  Which makes everything around here more difficult, but snuggling a sick, sleepy baby is a lovely thing.  Trying not to think about all the people who will be sick later in the week...

Boiled eggs, toast and apple slices for breakfast. Quesadillas for lunch.  No clue for dinner - something with chicken.

Pretty:  My purple sweater is coming along.  Have divided for sleeves and making progress.  The pattern has 10 phases, the sleeves are phases 8 and 9!  I truly think the hard parts are over...

Happy:  Spent 45 minutes or so in the backyard raking leaves and straightening the pathway stones.  The children all helped.  It looks so much nicer, and being outside and moving about made everyone so much less cranky in the afternoon.  Need to be purposeful about going outside every day...

Funny:  I asked Josiah what he wanted for his birthday.  He said he wants to drive a real car. One where the wheels go all the way around. (?)  I said "Me too!  I want to drive a fast one!"  Josiah replied "No, you are too old."

Real:  Starting to think (already!) about curriculum needs for the next school year. Started to freak out a bit, wondering how I would remember all this in July when I need to start ordering things.  So I made a 'brain dump' page in my notebook labeled School Prep. I add things to it for each grade level when they occur to me, and I feel better.

Well, it's 7:21am, and I'm late starting my day.  Have a good week!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Goals

I think this will be a year of head-down-just-keep-going for me.  I have a few goals for the year, but nothing spectacular.

I want to be more purposeful in my prayer life.  I will start keeping a prayer journal.  I think this will be good so I can go back and see where the Lord has answered prayer.

I will start a blessings jar.  Every time a good thing happens, I want to write it down and place it in the jar.  Next Christmas, we'll read them out loud and see what the Lord has done.  Count your blessings, name them one by one...

Would like to lose 5 more pounds.  This is gonna be iffy.  I have zero self control and I like to eat.  I work out regularly, but apparently not enough to make a difference in my weight.

I've been struggling with burnout the last couple months.  I'm already pretty organized, and I purge 'stuff' regularly.  This homeschooling journey is way harder than I expected. I know it's the best for the children, and I know this is His will for us.  But it's way hard and I'm tired.  I don't know what to do other than just keep going, try to look for beauty, and don't whine too much.

Friday, December 11, 2015

What a homeschool mom wants for Christmas...

Here a few things that would just be dreamy...

1.  A date night.  Somewhere Fancy, without kids.  And not making any of the arrangements myself.

2. Chocolate.  The expensive kind.  You know, those Caramel and Sea Salt ones that cost like...$4 each?  That I would never buy myself...

3. A Day Off.  For just one day, someone else can make the meals, clean up, change diapers, do laundry, AND NOT ASK ME WHERE ANYTHING IS...

4. A gift card to one of the following:  Staples, a yarn store, WalMart, Jo Ann's, Target, any local yarn store, any used book store.

5. Two hours once a week for school planning, meal planning, goal setting, etc.

6.  ONE DAY when Every. Single. Child. says "Yes, Mama!" with a smile when I ask them to do something.  And then they DO IT!!  I know.  It's a lovely dream...

7. For people to buy my children experiences instead of stuff that clutters up my house.  Things like Little Passports (Google it.  It's a real thing.), trips to the zoo or theatre, horse-back riding, etc.  Except books.  Books are great.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Gifts for $5 or less

Here is a note to myself (and you) so I can get Christmas spending waaaaay down this year:

colored pencils
coloring books
paint with water books
note cards
food - make granola, banana bread, etc
favorite candies
TicTacs (stocking stuffer hit in my house!)
Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars for boys
used books in persons favorite genre
craft supplies (who can't use more yarn?!)
card games

I will update this post as more things occur to me...

Thursday, September 17, 2015


So, back in July, I posted about working out, and my goals.  Here's the end result:

I'm down 3 pounds - but that's because I have no self control with eating.  I love food.  Working on this...

Also, the goal of 21 days a month isn't working.  Life happens.  I seem to be consistent at 16 days a month. Don't do Thursdays or weekends.

But fitting a workout into the normal routine wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  After a good week adjusting, it went fine.

So I didn't make it to my goal weight, but I did make progress.  Based on how I seem to lose, my new goal is 140 by November 1st.  Using My Fitness Pal to track my food has made me more aware of what I eat and I seem to be able to be better.

So, in the end, I'm liking this new thing. The Daily Burn site has several different kinds of workouts and I'm changing those around a bit.  I did the Black Fire stuff exclusively since July, but have done each workout 4 or more time and am getting bored.  Did a Core workout yesterday, and now it hurts when I sneeze.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


So seeing this guy up close and personal was pretty cool...

Hannah cracks up at this picture and talks about how they have a huge head, and a teeny, tiny bottom!