Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Seth Michael Begley
9lbs, 5oz.
On today, his 3 week birthday, I am finally posting the official notice!  Sorry, my friends.  6 children, new baby, and a kitchen remodel.  I'm a little behind...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still waiting...

My word for this week is SLOWLY.  I am practicing my patience.  I move slow, I think slow, everything is slow.  Baby is now 4 days overdue.  My Dr appt yesterday showed no dilation at all.  The Cervix of Steel strikes again.  I have a scheduled induction for 8am Friday morning if I don't go into labor by then.

Since my last post 3 weeks ago, I finished the little red baby pants and made a little red sweater to go with them.  I realized that I have an abundance of short sleeved onsies, and needed something to keep little guys arms warm. 

Leah has changed her mind and no longer wants a knit butterfly, but a knit Canadian Goose.  Really?  A goose?  Okay...

We have done no school for a couple weeks due to illness and because we all keep thinking that the baby will arrive any minute now.  But after my Dr appt yesterday, I realize that we just might have several more days.  So, probably still no school, but my goal for today is to tidy up and organize the school room.  Somehow the table in there is stacked with board games, craft clutter, books and other random stuff.  A little organizing always makes me feel better!

I also may go to the grocery store today.  My kitchen broom is annoying me.  It is very soft bristled, and the bristles are saggy and uneven and warped.  I suppose the broom is about a year and a half old now and gets used nearly every day.  Anyone know how long a broom is supposed to last?

Well, that's all for now folks.  We'll have a new baby by the end of the week!

OH!  Prayer request:  I find myself whining/complaining a lot lately.  I need an attitude makeover and a whole lot more gratefulness.  This discomfort is so very temporary and for such a good cause.  There are Christians being tortured in Chinese prisons right now, and I'm whining about achey hips.  Shame on me.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

January 2nd.  I don't quite know what to do first.  I normally make a New Years Resolution or two, but this time I can't quite come up with one that I think I can actually manage.  I have a couple of goals for the children, but nothing really for me.  Just have a baby, teach school, try and lose some weight by next Christmas.

I am knitting obsessively of late.  Little red baby pants this time.  I promised to start knitting something for Leah, but she's not impressed with any of my cute clothing ideas, and wants a butterfly.  So, I'm searching Ravelry for butterfly patterns that a) she likes, and b) I can actually understand the directions.

A couple of us have mild colds this week as well.  It seems that every time we take time off of school, we get sick and my well laid plans for accomplishing things spirals down the drain. Oh well. 

January promises to be a busy month for us.  Every weekend is a flurry of activity in the kitchen as Michael rips out or replaces a cabinet or two. My birthday is in a couple weeks, then a baby shower, then a baby.  Throw in a couple family member birthdays, illness, and just plain tired.

I think this year will mostly just be survival.  I will try to be content with all things. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Obsessive Baby Kntting

Well, it's Christmas Eve.  I've completed the Swaddle Sack and the matching hat, and I've started a set of little baby mittens.  One is done, and cast on for the second.  After that, I'm not sure what I'll work on.  I wanted a pair of baby pants, but haven't found a pattern I like yet.

I need to sit down a lot lately.  And I can't sit without getting itchy fingers.  Must. Knit. Something.

Oh well.  Christmas gifts are finally done.  The largest project was Hannah's and she completed it this afternoon.  Can't tell you what it is yet, but it is for Olivia and Josiah jointly.  A work of art, to be treasured for years.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting ready...

Not a lot of new things have happened since my last post.  Most of my time is taken up with school, household stuff, and getting ready for Christmas and baby.

To that end, I seem to be making a lot of lists.  One for projects I want to complete in Dec, another for January, a list for what to take to the hospital, even a list for stocking my bathroom supplies.

My other obsession right now is knitting.  I am working on a Swaddle Sack for baby right now.  I have about 5 more inches of boring knit and purl rows.  The interesting cable stuff is already done.  But I commit to finishing this before I start another thing.  A couple of hats for baby (at least 1) and a pair or knit pants for baby.

Then I plan to start knitting a tunic for Leah's birthday.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Warning:  This is long post.  Go make yourself a cup of tea first.

Yesterday was a horrible day.  One of those days that make you question why in the world you homeschool.

It all started about 6:15am.  I had to get up and get breakfast and such going quickly since I had an appt at 8:15.  Everyone was up and had eaten by 7:35am.  I assigned Child 1 to tidy the dishes and turn the dishwasher on, then I left the room to get the 2 little ones and myself dressed and ready.  About 7:45 I realize that there are no 'kitchen-y' sounds happening.  I briefly ponder the wisdom of stopping what I am doing to make sure Child 1 is on task, but decide against it because I cannot be late for my appt.  Dishes can wait until later, and we must leave by 8am.

At 7:50, I realize that the baby's shoes are missing.  I assign Child 2 to look under coffee tables, couches, etc.  In our home, shoes ALWAYS get kicked underneath something.  Child 2 vanishes for a bit, the returns to assure me that they have looked under everything, and the shoes are nowhere to be found.  Sigh...fine.  He'll go shoeless and we'll find them later. I order everyone to get their shoes on.

At 7:56, I tell the children to go ahead and get in the van.  Child 1 screams from the girls bathroom "Mommy! Come quickly!"  I think to myself "This is not going to end well."  Apparently, Josiah (20 months)  has climbed up on the stool and turned on the water.  Of course, this is the only sink in the house that does not drain properly, so the water has overflown and is quickly flooding the floor.  But, I have to leave at 8am!!!   I quickly throw a couple towels down, scoop up the baby, and herd everyone out to the van.

I make it to our appt in time.  However, the very nice lady tells me that she spoke with my husband last week and had rescheduled our appt to 2pm.  Remember last week?  When I was super sick?  If he informed me, I have no memory of the conversation.

So, we leave there and head downtown to see the 3D Butterfly Migration movie.  The parking garage closest to the theatre is full, so I drive in circles for a few minutes trying to find somewhere to park.  I find a garage, and manage to get everyone headed in the right direction.  We get to the theatre about 4 minutes before the movie starts, but hubby (who is meeting us) is nowhere to be seen.  I deliberate a moment - should I wait a bit for him? He'll never find us in a dark theatre.  I decide to go ahead and go in.  Just as we get our 3D glasses, he magically appears beside us. 

We are told by the field trip coordinator that we are supposed to be in one of two rows.  However, the movie is starting and everything is dark and I have no idea where our rows are.  Since the theatre is only about a third full, I just find an empty row and sit everyone down praying that we aren't going to get kicked out for not following orders.

About halfway into the movie, Child 3 says "I have to go potty."  Deep breath, it's okay.  I take child to the bathroom.  When I get back, Child 2 says "Where's the bathroom? I have to go!"  I send this child potty with their father.  They come back and get seated again, and Child 4 says "I have to go potty."  AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Mercifully, the movie is only 45 minutes long, and Child 4 is able to wait until it's over.  Afterward, I am chatting with a friend and our respective hubbies, telling them about my awful morning.  We go our separate ways, with us going to a nearby park to eat our picnic lunch.  As we are eating, my hubby turns to me and says "Why doesn't Joe have any shoes on?"  Apparently, he didn't hear my tirade about a stressful morning, even though he was physically present and nodding and laughing at the appropriate spots...Grrrrr! we finish our food, the children are running hither and yon because 1) they have been mostly still for nearly 2 hours and 2) it's a park.  Hubby is getting frustrated that they are getting too far away, that Joe is walking in the damp grass with socks on, that one child prefers to play in a bush off to the left and can't actually be seen.  He finally decides we should go on home.  He offers to walk us to the van, but I can't quite remember where I parked.  I point one direction, we came from down there.  He says that's not right and we keep walking another direction.  I show him the ticket to the garage with the address on it.  He says okay and keeps walking.  I'm sure we are going the wrong way, but my protests seem to fall on deaf ears.  After a lovely Autumn Walk, we get back to roughly where we started and he figures out what garage we are in.  I didn't recognize it since we left it from the opposite side of the structure.  He gets us in the van and on our way.

We go home for about 40 minutes because we have to leave again for the 2 o'clock appt, remember?  I order everyone to start tidying up.  I know that if we clean up, Joe's shoes will appear.  Sure enough, I find them under the ottoman in the living room.  I tell Child 2 (who looked under everything back in paragraph 3) to their room, which lasts about 10 minutes, because it's time to go again.

Everyone back into the van, to the appt, which goes very well.  Back home, make dinner, house is mostly tidy from the "Find Those Shoes!!!" flurry of activity earlier.

The day ended pretty well, but with everyone very tired. 

Some days are like that.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new week

Remember when I posted last week and said that I had a mild cold?  HAH!!!!!  Later that afternoon, that cold came in full force.  I was completely flattened for 2 days - Michael stayed home with us so that pesky details like feeding the children and changing diapers would get taken care of.

I was sick from Tuesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.  Really, really sick.  I feel much better now, but still have a sniffle.  Hannah was also super sick with me last week.   An entire week of doing nothing.  It feels like such a waste.

This week will be bare minimum for school.  We have several appts and a field trip this week, and there are 2 extended family members with severe health issues.  I want to be a help there, but it will require a bit of time and planning - hence limited school.

I have made a list of projects that I wish to have completed before baby arrives.  I've grouped them so that a few get done each month.  I have 7 remaining for November, 5 for December and 5 simple ones in January.  I think we can do it.